The Transformation of "Destiny"


This is Alan's Norman 22 "Destiny" as purchased!



Bought the boat 26/8/04 having seen it out of the water and untouched for the last 3 years.
First weekend on it completely stripped out all the woodwork and pumped out what seems like 50 galleons of water, every piece of wood was rotten, unfortunately including the two main bulkheads, which will be replaced during the refit.
 I wont be keeping to the original Norman design, as I am 6'1" and cant fit in the front bunk, this area will be extended and the bulkhead moved to just in front of the aluminium side windows gaining an extra 4 " the toilet compartment will be moved to the rear of the cabin with the entrance moved a few inch's to the side.

 This project I am hoping to take 6 months to complete including stripping and refinishing all surfaces and a new rear deck!!!!

Owning and refitting a boat has been a life long dream for me, I could have bought one which only needed light work, but this one has bags of potential, and will be perfect to laze a way my weekends in ;)

Well its been a bad winter and a busy spring unfortunately not on my Norman :(

I have been sanding the old paint off and repairing cracks in the resin and will be spaying the boat over the next few weeks weather permitting, the engine's in my garage overhauled and repainted, new bulkheads made and ready to fit once the boats painted, new windows made including a new screen which was very difficult to master but done ( looks good too ) new grab rails, new hatch ,all in my garage waiting for me to paint the shell, but hopefully will go back together fairly quick???
We really want to be in the water for August !!

Here are a few "before & after" pictures














Alan's own website with even more pictures can be found here!