"Lady Caroline"


Model                       :                   Norman 23

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   1976

Engine & Fuel        :                   Tohatsu Petrol outboard

Capacity                  :                   9.8 hp

Toilet                        :                   Portapotti

Also has an alarm.


Only bought this boat in May last year, having "given up" boating following my husband's death 6 years before.  She had been sadly neglected, and the previous owners had completely given up hope after the engine was stolen around Oct/Nov the previous year. I must admit we didn't do too much work the first year as we were having too much fun making the best of the summer of 2010, apart from clearing out the rubbish and internal cleaning which was plenty enough, but we are making a good start now, and are planning to have her looking a lot better by the 20th Anniversary of our little Boat Club in August. I wanted to register so I will be able to "talk" to other owners about the various problems we encounter, which I'm sure will have all been dealt with before!

We're currently moored on the Bridgwater/Taunton Canal in Somerset, on a Somerset Navigators Boat Club Mooring at Maunsel Bottom Lock.  It's a 14 mile canal with 6 locks and some really horrible swing bridges (I think!!), and it suits us at the moment.  When the sort out of BW is taking place next year, we may well move to the Avon side of the K & A, which I'm more familiar with, and is actually nearer my home.  Bob grew up on the B & T, but he now lives nearer here, and I have been introducing him slowly to the joys of the K & A.  Hopefully Caroline will be looking pretty good by the time we're ready to move.