Model                      :                   Norman 23

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   1976

Engine & Fuel       :                   Johnson outboard petrol

Capacity                 :                   25hp

Fridge                     :                   12v

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti


Big to do list. Just bought off this site. Has inboard engine 1300 Austin I'm told. Take there word for it! This is to be reconnected asap. Outboard off, the thirsty little thing. good scrub up coming her way followed by generator,3rd battery and new canopy.

She is berthed at Lemonroyd marina on the Aire and Calder. First task is to get the Enfield leg refurbed and put her inboard Austin 1100 petrol engine back on the way she was meant to be. A new canopy next year and an upgrade/Modification to the inboard 12volt electrics. Then put loads of hours under our belt.
She has had new curtains since she was bought and a 12volt fridge added.


Work So Far: steam wash and sanding to hull. New two coats of antifoul. Wood strakes sanded and restained/Varnished.
Webasto heater fitted. A real ache to find space for the pipes in the cockpit floor without touching other plastic pipes.
Left the exhaust for someone else to cut into the hull. Frightening thought cutting into your own boat.
Thermostat to front compartment. Now set for lots of winter use.
Vetus 310 diesel engine fitted and full refurb to transa drive.After removing the Austin 1100 petrol engine. Nightmare of a job that was.
 Transa drive refurb included a coat of powder coating to the leg.
The propeller was a 14" diameter but was reduced by propeller revolutions in Poole to give a more efficient
Set up. Excellent company and very reliable if you need any propeller work. Thoroughly recommend.
12 Volt electrics all rewired and temporary box made to house the fuses and associated wires.
Cockpit 12 volt light fitted.
Its a work in progress but ill update as and when.




Well we are truly well into the renovation and do I know it as its costing me a fortune!! New coverit canopy, calorifier for hot water. the wife's chipped in with her own speciality (fabric). new helm coming up and the addition of new fenders and the possibility a shower. oh and not to forget the fridge for the cold beers. It may appear a lot of expense and it is, but we feel she's worth it. the satisfaction of seeing our improvements take place and soon well be able to enjoy the creature comforts we've added. bring on the sun!!