Model                       :                   Norman 17

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                           :                  1966

Engine & Fuel         :                  Outboard petrol

Capacity                   :                 

Toilet                         :                  Portapotti



I would like to think the boat is as it is when it was made but has had a total refit of which I used the existing units as a template from when i bought it ,so it would be interesting to see if it is in an original state.
I'm new to the boaty scene and the wheel just looked to be more in the middle than the back. this was my 1st boat I have ever bought or done up so I was a good learning curb for me .
I took 10 months to do it has been striped right down to the gel coat of all unboaty paint then re done properly , just about everything has been ripped out and replaced with new as nothing was worth keeping due to good old rot and old age.. When I took the old units out I used the old ones as a jig so it would be interesting to find out if the units are in the original place as intended by the company ? .so far I have not put a sink back in but my intention is put one in as and when I find one suitable.
The trailer was as in as bad of condition as the boat so like the boat it has been striped down and replaced with new components but we are not here for trailers . we bought the boat for 350 and have spent about 850 on restoring it .It would be interesting to know what it is worth now ? Well that's about it for now I suppose all I have to say is good old Plastimo! They  know how to charge an arm and a leg and would urge any one to source as much as possible from else where