Model                       :                   Norman 32

Cockpit                    :                   Centre

Year                           :                  ?

Engine & Fuel         :                  Yanmar diesel

Capacity                   :                 12 hp

Sterndrive                :                 Enfield 130

Toilet                         :                


Just Bought the boat and am going to totally refit. The story of my Norman 32. Decided I would like to do the Avon ring again. Saw the boat in Bristol on Ebay and bought it twice getting it cheaper the second time because it needs a total refit. The photos show me getting the engine running a 12 hp Yanmar which will be coming up for sale because I am fitting a bigger engine then taking it out. It felt great not having had a boat for over 20 years.

The boat at Bristol and having to repair the engine.


There is a picture of the boat arriving  home to South West Wales on a lorry. Pictures of me making a trailer and getting the boat on the trailer and the boat coming through the trees to its resting place where it will be refitted. And the forward cabin already completely stripped.



Work on the interior having been stripped and is being refitted.