Model                       :                   Norman 20 Conquest

Cockpit                    :                   Centre

Year                          :                   1975

Engine & Fuel        :                   Outboard petrol

Capacity                  :                   25 hp

Toilet                        :                   Portapotti

Also has GPS, VHF and a fish finder.


I have recently been given this boat which has been laid up for 4 years. My friend and I are attempting to re-furbish the boat.
At the moment we are pumping  2 foot of water out of it. Do they normally have a bung in the stern?

The boat had been laid up for in excess of 4 years on a farm near St Helens. Unfortunately the cover had blown off some years ago and when I acquired it, it had approx 2 feet of water inside. Over the last couple of weeks a friend and I have been pumping the water out using a small whale electric bilge pump that we rigged up to a portable power pack. When I went yesterday it was almost dry in the cabin altho' there still appears to be a lot of water under the cabin floor in the keel which at the moment we are still debating how best to remove this. The floor of the cabin on this Norman seems to be the same moulded GRP as the main structure of the boat itself.
We are hoping to move the boat in the next few weeks to my friends home where we will have access to electricity and water etc.
We are hoping to eventually use the boat for sea fishing and will be keeping in touch with the site for info on ballast etc. that seems to be necessary.