Model                       :                   Norman  23

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                           :                  1971

Engine & Fuel         :                  Outboard diesel

Capacity                   :                  40 hp

Fridge                        :                 12v Coolbox

Invertor                     :                 800 watt

Toilet                         :                  Portapotti

Also has VHF radio and an alarm.


“Crackers” is (apparently) a 1971 Norman 23 Mk1.  We have owned here for 1 year.  She is moored on the River Stour in Sandwich Kent, where we do our cruising, both up river to Fordwich and down river and out of the estuary to Ramsgate.  It was sold to us as a Norman 24 but your excellent website has proved her to be a Norman 23.  This is our first boat, we’re a bit new to this boating malarkey! She is powered by a 40hp Mariner Outboard. She is due to come out of the water at the end of the season to be anti-fouled, cleaned and painted and generally tidied up. Crackers is fitted with a solar panel that generates about 30 watts on a good day and keeps the batteries charged and the beer cold! Could do with a new canopy and an electric starter for the engine!