Model                      :                   Norman 18 Mk lll

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   1970's

Engine & Fuel       :                   Suzuki petrol outboard

Capacity                 :                   30hp for now but want something bigger

Toilet                       :                  

Also has VHF Radio and a fish finder.


I am just about to start the process of renovating my beautiful Norman 18 who is in need of some love. I will take some photos of how she looks now before I begin to work on her and then post in stages of renovation. Boat situated in Northern Ireland.

I am calling my boat Black Jack as that's what my 11 year old son wanted to call it. The boat was in a sorry state when I got it 2 weeks ago and painted in ordinary household gloss paint even the rubber fender was plastered with it. The antifoul though is antifoul but has certainly not been repainted for a while.
 I have now sanded the bottom of her and repainted with international black but I am undecided on the top after I sand it right back and also not sure on the antifouls new colour either. The canopy is army green so have you any ideas?
The inside I have completely gutted out as it was also in a state with layers and layers of old plywood. Do you know what the Norman 18 interior looked like when out of factory? The cabin part is ok with the cubby storage holes etc, no cushions but just needs tlc.
New colour after much prep work. Notice the metal work all stripped back also. The top metal windows etc were all painted in green hammerite which have all been stripped back. I think she is starting to show some potential. What colour now for the rest of her? I maybe debating this for some time.