Model                       :                   Norman 18.5

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   ?

Engine & Fuel        :                   Honda four stroke petrol Outboard

Capacity                  :                   9.9 hp

Toilet                        :                   Portapotti


The main photo shows Poacher moored for lunch at Clifton Hampden. I'll take some of the inside when I get an opportunity and send them to you to add to the web site.
We purchased Poacher last October as a complete package with outboard and trailer. Last Sunday was our first launching. We launched at Abingdon on the Thames and negotiated two downstream locks for our outward and return trip. All went fairly well. The engine stopped a few times until I realised I hadn't opened the vent on the fuel tank. I can also appreciate what others say about needing a rudder. Steering a straight line is not easy, particularly when there is either a side current or a cross wind.
Recovery onto the trailer wasn't very easy. Getting the boat to line up with the first trailer roller and not moving sideways took a few attempts but we eventually got it moving in the right direction with the winch. Our intent is not to have a mooring this year but to launch and recover from the trailer. Maybe next year we'll have a mooring just for the summer months.
The main work so far has been on the trailer, replacing the wheel bearings, fitting an improved bow snubber and replacing the existing worn out 5 inch rollers with new 7 inch rollers. Inside the cabin we have replaced the original cushions with some better ones which came from an old caravan. These were given to use by the guy we bought Poacher from as it was something he had intended to do. We also bought some cheap carpet to cover the fibreglass sides of the seating which along with an off-cut of better quality carpet for the floor has made a vast improvement. New curtains and rails have also added to the improved appearance.
Future jobs to do are:
Replace the window seals. Although I think this will be a long job since removal of the complete windows may be required. Repaint the trailer. Fit a remote starter for the engine.