Model                        :                    Norman 23

Cockpit                     :                    Rear

Year                           :                    1970's

Engine & Fuel         :                    Yamaha outboard petrol

Capacity                   :                    9.9 hp

Gas Water Heater   :                    Yes

Warm Air Heater     :                    Gas

Shower                     :                    Yes

Toilet                          :                    Portapotti

Also has VHF radio


We have only just bought our boat and when we get the photos up for you to see, you will see that we were just in time to save her from the great boat graveyard in the sky, as she had been left alone and neglected for thirteen years getting green and springing leaks everywhere from rusting screws on the deck etc...Mike, my Husband and the big boss who says yay or nay to anything concerning money, spotted the boat in our local paper and was struck by the fact that she was very cheap, he pointed her out to me and all I said was 'well it's either a misprint or it is in such a sad state that no-one in their right minds would pay out good money for it' so we ignored it, but a few days later I was sorting through the old papers and it caught my eye, so I kept the paper back and when Mike came home I mentioned it to him, he said 'well we cant lose anything by ringing the guy so go ahead' I did and was shocked to find that she was still for sale and even more shocked to find that not only was it not a misprint but it was actually floating.  We arranged a viewing for the next day and went along to the mooring on the Fossdyke just a short walk from Lincoln City centre. Mike asked all the right questions while I went aboard and had a rumage round in the bilges; joy of joy she was as dry as my Kitchen floor, apart from the little puddles forming on the work surfaces of the galley, the floor of the toilet/shower room and on the cushions of the bed in the pointy end.  The cushions were all green with mould, the curtains were all stuck to the windows and the smell was something I cannot find words for, but believe me it was not nice.  The guy said that he had several folk coming along the next day to take a butchers so we said that we would ring him later that evening with our decision and walked away; Mike asked me what I thought the boat might be worth once she was done up and I put a price out there that I thought might sound reasonable so he turned round and marched back to the boat, stuck out his hand and said 'you've j
We have already gained some very helpful hints and tips from this site and have really enjoyed reading about all the Normans that are loved and cared for and we hope that you will all enjoy reading about our grand old lady and watch as she emerges once more into a graceful and beautiful craft.

Dawn & Mike