Graham spotted us in "Boatmart" magazine and here's part of his Norman story.


I was interested to see in the Boatmart Magazine your website on Norman
Cruisers, I purchased my first Norman at the London Boatshow in January
1973, see attached photo's Surfrider (Norman 3 )and Surfrider ( Norman 2)

I bought the boat through Ladyline, the Salesman was Bob Love who I believe
at that time was running Ladyline at Thorne, my new boat was delivered to
Ladyline at Mountsorrel. The new price of the boat at the show was at that
time 575, how times have changed !! I fitted an 18hp Evinrude outboard but
later changed and put on a new Chrysler 20hp auto electric.
I had the boat for about 2 years and then traded up for a Norman 20, see
photo's Puffin ( Norman 1 ) and Puffin ( Norman 4 ) this  was fitted with a
20hp Johnson outboard but later changed to the new Honda 10 four stroke.



These pictures were taken in the summer of 1973 and on holiday with my
new Norman 18, purchased at the London Boatshow in  January. They are
taken on a trip to Foxton from my mooring at Sawley.



I visited the Norman factory in Shaw on a number of occasions and found the
staff to be most helpful.
I have been boating now for over 30 years and if you visit my website at:

you will see under Photo's that I have a page dedicated to Boating !!
It is good to see that someone has taken an interest in Norman Cruisers,
they gave me many happy times in my early boating years.
Best Regards

Graham Woolrich