Dear “NBAS”

We are in the process of acquiring from my father the Norman 18.5 “Pela” as a restoration project, hopefully!

I have attached some “now & then” pictures for your interest and would be curious to receive your comments on the viability of the restoration of this very tired looking little boat who’s been sadly neglected for the last 20+ years. (My father bought it new in the mid 70’s)

Your comments would be welcome!

















Consider the following question......

How much of  "project" can you cope with?

Unless the GRP structure is damaged or has a really severe osmosis problem, then there are very few bare shells that are beyond rescue. Its down to the amount of work you are willing to take on. From the limited view the interior seems to be a candidate for ripping out. The window you show does not look too bad. The moss growth is easily removed.

There have been examples quite recently of members totally gutting hulls and starting from scratch.

My wife contacted you about four years ago when we took on my fathers Norman 18.5 “Pela”. Well, to say we got off to a slow start may be the understatement of the decade, as she still remains at ‘gutted’ stage at the time of writing. The good news is she’s been kept in lovely dry conditions ever since so hasn’t suffered by the delay.

However, I am now finally enthused and gathering momentum towards a full renovation of the (now) empty shell, but have a query I am hoping you can answer for me.

I understand the Norman 18.5 is a ‘double vee’ hull, but that it was manufactured in two versions, one being capable of sailing at sea, and the other being for inland water use only – so how do I know which type Pela has??

My father seems to remember Pela was only capable of river use, but I’m really drawn to the idea of some estuary sailing and possibly even very mild sea use if the hull is capable (and I can overcome my sea-sickness!)??

I’ve attached a couple of pics, but I’m not sure if they’ll show you enough of the inner brace members to confirm, but if you can let me know what I should be looking for I’d be really grateful.

I hope you can offer some assistance at your convenience (I’m a long way off launch date yet I fear!) If you need any further details please feel free to contact me by return e-mail.

Really interesting website by the way, I just wish it had a ‘search’ facility as I know there is a previous comment about Pela in there somewhere, but I don’t seem to be able to find it now!



Best regards,