Model                      :                   Norman 23

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   1979

Engine & Fuel       :                   Yamaha petrol outboard

Capacity                 :                   20 hp

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti

Also has VHF radio and a depth sounder.


We really have taken on a lot with Curlew.  She was on the River Avon at Bredon up until about a fortnight ago, and had been totally neglected for over two years. 
The boatyard manager craned her onto a trailer we had hired locally and we brought her down the M5 to a boatyard on Totnes where we are working on her.
When we first picked her up we were aware of quite a bit of water slopping around in the bilges - when we lifted the boards we bailed out about 45 gallons!  She is now totally dry after all that bailing, loads of damp absorbing crystals and the nice weather we are having at the moment.
It is probably best to list what we are going to do to her:-
Repair damage to bow                                                                                  In progress
Clean up hull and patch up where necessary                                              In progress
Nitromors wooden rubbing timbers on sides, rub down and varnish       In progress
Repaint to hull, and antifoul                                                                           In progress
Remove all windows, clean up and replace rubbers                                  In progress
Replace polycarbonate windscreen windows and rubbers                       In progress
Service to 20hp engine - scheduled for next week                                     In progress
Remove all old berth cushions                                                                      Done  (very smelly!)
Get new cushions cut                                                                                     Done
Cover new cushions                                                                                       Still to do
Remove old headliner                                                                                    Done  (also very smelly)
Replace headliner                                                                                          Waiting for samples to arrive
Replace interior lights                                                                                    Saving up for the ones I want - expensive!!
Fit depth sounder                                                                                           Bought, but not yet fitted
The only decent thing on the boat is the canoppy which is fairly new and just needed a spray of mould remover and the windows cleaned up, which is now all done.
All in all I think we got a fairly good bargain as we only paid 2,000 for her and when all the work is done she ought to look a cracking boat.
When she is finished we intend keeping her on a mooring on the Dart and use her up and down the river particularly visiting Dittisham and Tuckenhay where there are lovely pubs!
Whilst writing I wonder if I could have your comments on something - as I mentioned she is going to have a new coat of paint and antifoul and I wonder if you are able to give me any indication on how far up the hull we should position the antifoul line.  My husband pointed out that when she was in the water, the water level was way above the present antifoul line, but that isn't surprising in view of the 45 gallons of water in her, she was well on the way to sinking!! 
Could I also have your comments on our engine - do you think a 20hp will be powerful enough for the Dart, at times we can get quiter a tide rip?
What do most people do with regard to a seat to steer - do they fit seating, or steer standing up.  If it is the latter, do they raise the flooring to the cockpit as we are not quite tall enough to see where we are going!
Last of all I am attaching a few "before" photos.  You probably have seen worse, but then there are a lot of boats an awful lot better too!
Hoping you are able to reply with an answer to my questions.  There may be rather a lot in the future, do you mind helping us out with some answers.