Cow & Chicken is a 23’ Norman River Cruiser built in 1976. Originally moored on the Thames near Chelsea, she was moved to Goytre Wharf in the early 1990’s and has since changed hands only twice. The name Cow & Chicken is not original (!), and nor does it relate to the popular TV cartoon. Instead it is a reflection of its owners; Jenny (a dairy herd manager) and Ian (also a herd manager but formally a chicken farmer)! Prior to 2003 the boat was named “Miss-Chief”.




Cow and chicken has a permanent mooring in the main pool at Goytre. This is located adjacent to the launching ramp in the boat owners car park. Please ensure that she is returned to this mooring and no other.




Entry to the boat is gained through the rear of the canopy (with canopy up) or over the side with canopy down. Note: Cow & Chicken does not fit under any bridges with the canopy up. For cruising South of Goytre or North of Govilon the windscreen must also be removed and placed on the front deck.


Rear Deck


This is the ‘nerve centre’ of the boat! Familiarise yourself with it before folding down the canopy, as some things get hidden with it down! Facing the stern you will see a blue carpeted bulkhead, which is divided into three compartments. The left hand one is the gas locker where you will find the gas bottle, main tap (please switch off when not on board) and hose pipe for re-filling the water tank. Access is gained by lifting the top panel out. The centre compartment provides access to the outboard motor via a door which lifts. The right hand compartment houses the fuel tank & gauge (there is a deck mounted filler cap above), steering control ram and spare fenders.


Facing the bow you will see the driving seat on the left and fridge, battery and fuse panel on your right. When aboard switch on all fuses except “running lights” as these are not normally needed, and upon leaving boat switch off everything except “bilge pump”. There is no means of charging the battery on board Cow & Chicken, so if it gets low take it home to charge up. For safety reasons please do not light the fridge, but take ice packs with you instead!




Everything is pretty self explanatory in here! There is a TV point on the work top by the door, and when not on board the TV is hidden below. There are two cabin lights; the switch for the main cabin is located under the shelf by table and the switch for the forward cabin (bed) is located on the back of the cooker. Please do not use the switches on the florescent fittings (these are the running lights). To get water depress foot pump (under sink) until water starts to flow and then use switch (between cupboard doors). The water should be boiled before drinking.




Here is located the filler cap for the water tank. There also a front hatch but please use this only in an emergency!




Cow and chicken is equipped with a remote control 9.9hp 2-stroke (50:1) outboard motor which enables her to easily exceed the 4mph speed limit! As a general rule half revs should be plenty and whatever happens try to avoid causing a breaking wash.




·      Depress button on side of Morse control, and set lever to half revs. (this button engages the clutch, to release clutch return lever to neutral position)

·      Flick switch on outboard motor to “on”

·      Pull out choke

·      pull cord

·      Have Fun!!


Once engine is running smoothly switch off choke and reduce revs.


To stop engine: Flick switch on outboard motor to “off”!