Model                       :                   Norman 23

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                           :                  1975

Engine & Fuel         :                  Honda 75 outboard petrol

Capacity                   :                  8 hp

Gas Water Heater   :                 Yes

Solid Fuel Stove     :                 Yes

Toilet                         :                  Portapotti


My brother and I have bought it to enjoy the English canals that we have longed wanted to see, plus we simply love the name "Harmony"
On Friday we took our parents our and my wife on the Lancaster canal for about 4 hours and was amazed how easy it is to sail down the canal.
It really is amazing how travelling at 4 mph can be so  peaceful whereas travelling in a car you just can't seem to get where you are going fast enough. It needs very little to be done and the surveyor said that it is in very good condition for its age. It is moored at Bridgehouse Marina, Garstang, Lancashire. On Monday it is having the underneath cleaned, antifouled then resprayed. Inside we will recover the seats and change the cupboards to a more lighter colour changing them from a reddish brown varnish to a cream colour. We just want to brighten the inside up slightly. It has a working toilet, cooker, TV but we will buy a small fridge and get rid of the TV.
In the future we want to try the Macclesfield canal and the Reddish canal. For now we are planning to get to Kendal via the Lancaster canal.
My brother and I have been caught by the bug. The biggest impression I and my family have from travelling on the canal is how friendly the people are. Everyone stops for a chat when mooring or when passing everyone waves. Wonderful!