Since buying "First Dream"  I have completely ripped out all of the last owners “things”, and am trying to bring her up to some sought of standard .

I have carpeted the side linings and the up-stands (floor to bench seat)

Removed the B&Q tiled flooring and relayed with altro flooring (black with a tiny white fleck) finished off with a nice ali trim

Rubbed down all the varnished area’s as it was beyond a quick fix, primed, undercoated, undercoated and finished in white (satin) looks good to me !!!!!

My big achievement was making the housing to enclose the rear section, as we were not happy with the previous effort as we will be using the Aft cabin for a our five year old daughter, un-fortunately we had to remove the made to measure petrol tank, as it failed the BSS as it was galvanised,  we’ve placed it on eBay !!!!!!!!!!

We’ve got my mother to make the curtains and cushion covers, there about a week away, then I will be happy with the internal



Then the biggy the EXTERNAL, the hull seems ok (ish), been painted (to a semi reasonable standard ) however the deck is in very poor condition, it’s been over painted (blue), with no primer or base coat, it’s peeling/flaking there’s more orange than blue, well that’s what it seems like!!!!!. I will need plenty of advice on this job !!!!!.

We need to order a canopy as it’s completely perished , at the same time we will replace the Aft cabins zipped door (pvc) asking silly money her on the Thames, not really sure were to go ???

We are not moored up, she is on hard standing at a boatyard on the Thames the main purpose of buying a boat with a trailer was we can travel around and place her on any inland waterway as and when,

I have taken photo’s today of all the work undertaken since buying her A Nice "before & after" series 1 (many moor to come)