Model                       :                   Norman 23

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   1970

Engine & Fuel        :                   Yamaha four stroke outboard  petrol

Capacity                  :                   8 hp

Toilet                        :                   Portapotti

Also has VHF radio and GPS.


I have just picked her up today and she is a bit of a project but is all present and correct.
Canopy is in good condition with a clean cabin that needs the wife's loving touch to make her look like new.
From looking at pics of other MK3's mine is missing the grab rails all round and I need these asap so if anyone can send me info of where to get some that would be great.
The 8HP 4 Stroke is up to the job and she cruises at 7mph but I'm going to upgrade to around 20hp next week for that extra power just in case.
She is light in her steering and I run a big Zig Zig up the broads so are there any suggestions to help me get her to steer straight ahead without having to watch my course constantly?
Also I cannot Stern Moor as the outboard is not protected! How do other Norman owners get round this? Because I don't want to mess the outboard up.
Excellent site here and I will post some pics once I've tidied her up.

I have just been getting her ready for the BSS Exam this week and have installed a Fiamma water tank so that I can wire up the supply to a whale electric pump. After this the list is endless. Add hot water, better toilet as only has a portapotti, change the 8hp 4 Stroke Outboard to something around the 30hp mark for when the Broad and Breydon Water are running fast.  I donít really intend to do much else until I lift her out of the water in the winter for a total Hull repaint & anti fowl and then strip down and paint decks and above the deck. The transom had been cut away previously so will start and fibreglass that too but fill temp with alloy sheet till out of the water. Iíd love to have an inboard back in her but am unsure at to the job, the cost and the options although finding and engine and drive isnít too hard round here on the Broads. She is moored at Crown Cruisers (Le Boat) Moorings in Somerleyton and will remain there Iím sure for quite some time to come as itís such a great location and yard.