Model                      :                   Norman 22

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   1970'ish

Engine & Fuel       :                   Yamaha four stroke petrol outboard

Capacity                 :                   15 hp

Gas Water Heater :                  Yes

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti



just bought her so I have no idea what she was like to start with. She has a new safety cert but needs some TLC onboard.

Has anyone got a book on how to handle a Portapotti Continental manufactured in Nuneaton?

I had sailed my Shetland NoniMay down the Grand Union to Hereford Marina for an engine service (photo attached) and while there saw the Norman in a very sad state, stuck in pond weed and silt.(photo attached)
She had an old Honda engine which had not been run in many months. The interior was sad to say the least, the previous owner had just distempered all internal paintwork, damp had got under it and the inside look like a winter snow fall. He had also covered all the woodwork with stick on oil cloth imitation wood. All windows in the canopy were torn and she did need help. Mould was everywhere.
I decided to part exchange the Shetland for the Norman but would swap engines putting my 15 HP 4 stroke Yamaha on the Norman and the old 9 HP Honda on the Shetland. I then scrubbed the decks and moved her to a mooring (photo attached) to get her safety check completed and to check her over before returning up the Grand Union to Casiobury Croxley Green Marina where I have my mooring.
Her new name is NoniMay II and she is beginning to come back to life. The old canopy has gone and a new one being fitted, the cushions have been recovered, the toilet overhauled and all electrics checked. The internal paintwork is in work, the oil cloth has been pealed off the wood and the woodwork will now be rubbed down and re-varnished. A new sink has been fitted and the cooker checked and safety cleared. I have fitted an extended rudder to the engine to try to gain more control. I intend to fit a cockpit passenger seat but no drivers seat I will stand for that.
She is now safe to sail and we will take her out, weather permitting,  next weekend on a trial. My problem is over compensation and I am having great difficulty in keeping her on a straight course and with the confined space on the canals she is a devil to turn round and inclined to go sideways if not careful. Any suggestions?
I will send some completed photo's later in the year when all the work is complete.