Model                      :                   Norman 17

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   1972

Engine & Fuel       :                   Two stroke petrol outboard

Capacity                 :                   9.8 hp

Toilet                       :                  


"Goldfish" is moored on the lower part of the river Derwent. next year hope to repaint it. I hope to take her out of the river (on a mooring on the river Derwent at Sutton upon Derwent York) and repaint her. I then want to tidy up the inside making a new floor and doing the window seals. I also will have a go at making a cover, it don't look that hard!! over the winter I will remove the merc out board, replace the pull cord, find out why it will not start and have a go at a service. in the mean time I have bought 2 Evinrude (8hp & 10 hp) one running perfect the other runs but no tell tail so that needs sorting. I also need to find a morse control and cables etc and connect the steering. after that fun, fun, fun. Has anyone put twin 10s on a Norman 17!!! 


When the river Derwent is at a normal level you cant see gold fish from here!! all of the water that you can see should be green fields,apart from where the boat is. the river should be the other side of the hedge to the left of the boat (there is a foot path there also) and is less than 20 foot wide. hope it goes down soon as I have got the engine running!!

Gold fish has been relived of her old Mercedes and now sports a 10hp Evinrude with remotes in fetching orange.


Goldfish has now had a repaint and some changes to the inside. new floor, carpet, cooker and the wardrobe cut down. new wiring with led lights and a dimmer switch.12 acc out let, fish finder/depth gauge. new canopy fitted. theres life in the old girl yet. Old Normans never die, they just get prettier.