"LADY GRACE" (For now!)

Model                      :                   Norman 22

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   ?

Engine & Fuel       :                 

Capacity                 :                             

Toilet                       :                 


It is a good hull but it is pretty much stripped out. It has the exact layout of windows etc. we were looking for. We will be changing her name despite the associated superstitions (it has been changed before) She spent most of her life around Bridgemarsh Marine in Essex and will now be living on the Norfolk Broads The planned finish date is Spring 2009.
Worked on the cockpit space over the winter and am currently working inside the cabin. We have settled on a new name of 'Sunset' and I am progressing more or less on schedule, planning to have the essentials of the cabin space fitted out by the end of July and the exterior painted by the end of September.