Model                       :                   Norman 23

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                           :                  ?

Engine & Fuel         :                  Mercury outboard petrol

Capacity                   :                  9.9 hp

Fridge                       :                  12v

Toilet                         :                  Portapotti


We must confess we are absolutely new to boats and know very litttle about boats or boating. We currently have First Light moored at Allanson Hall Farm at Adlington, on the Leeds Liverpool Canal, very close to White Bear Marina. As we are new to boats we have not ventured very far at all but would like to, we have not encountered a Lock yet and have quite a bit of trepidation about it.
We are told that going towards Skipton we will soon meet Johnsons Hillock, and going towards Liverpool, we will soon encounter WIGAN FLIGHT, a bit daunting for us. We are intending getting some "tuition" before we attempt to much,
First Light is in reasonable condition, however we have added our own mark to the inside and are currently planning to have her taken out of the water at Botany Bay so we can perhaps give her a new look to the hull but we are not in any hurry.
We will watch the forums and join in where appropriate, we are quite pleased to have foung your excellent site.