Model                     :                   Norman 18.5

Cockpit                  :                   Rear

Year                         :                  ?

Engine & Fuel       :                  Mercury 200 Outboard

Capacity                 :                   20 hp

Toilet                       :                  

Also has VHF radio and a depth sounder.


I purchased 'Marie' only a few weeks ago, she has been sitting neglected for well over a year in a local boat yard in Sandwich, Kent. I spotted her when I was roaming around the yard where I kept my speed boat moored, (which I sold because the speed scared me). 
It was only by chance that I came to buy her, the chap who owned her had a number of projects on the go, and just had no time for her, we had a chat and the deal was done. 
Surprisingly she is in pretty good condition, I have set about removing the years of paint from her which is making her look very old and tired, I think that when I have completed this she will look much better, unfortunately the original gel coat is not good enough to leave bare so I will have to re-paint her.
Every now and again the chap who sold her to me, remembers he has items for her and keeps giving me bits for her. 
The interior looks to be in reasonable condition, apart from needing brightening up. The electrics are in need of rewiring but everything seems to be in order.
 When I eventually get her on the water, she will be moored in the 'Stour' river, Sandwich, which is navigable for approximately 8 miles, to Grove ferry, alternatively we are located only a short cruise in the other direction to Pegwell bay, Near Ramsgate, opening up the entire south east coast.