Model                       :                   Norman 18

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   1970's

Engine & Fuel        :                   Mercury petrol outboard

Capacity                  :                   115 hp

Toilet                        :                  


Brought this boat as a project & am looking forward to working on her thru the summer month's. I believe this boat to be a Norman 18 unless any one can tell me otherwise as there is a slight difference at the stern.?


I have striped out all the old seating & fitting's & have renewed all the deck, I have sourced a small calor gas cooker & a sink basin which I am going to install on the refit.
The web site is great for sampling other people's ideas, The guy I brought the boat off had her moored at Inchor Harbour & used her for sea fishing ( hence the big lump ) I intend to carry on fishing & hope to have deep water mooring's at Eastbeach West Sussex from July until sept, after which she would be stored at my Boat club compound in Selsey West Sussex for the winter. ( Westsands Boat Club ).




Have started sanding & making good, lot's to do as you can see , managed to pick up a Mariner 5hp outboard ( run's great ) will be a good aux engine in case of any prob's with the main outboard.
Have done the first coat of paint in the cockpit & hope to get a bit more done over the coming bank holiday