Model                      :                   Norman Conquest

Cockpit                   :                   Centre

Year                         :                   1976

Engine & Fuel       :                   Honda  petrol outboard

Capacity                 :                  ?

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti


We've only ever hired boats on the broads before but have always fancied our own. We've been looking at your site for ages now and decided from there that we wanted a Norman Conquest (room for the kids but small enough to keep at home). We looked at a few but ended up buying this one which was on the Grand Union Canal in Milton Keynes. We live in South Yorkshire and bought a trailer from Norwich. We lost a trailer wheel on the M1 motorway on the first attempt to collect the boat (bearings seized and the whole thing sheared off and overtook us down the fast lane) so had to buy new hubs, wheels etc. from Towsure in Sheffield. The first pictures I've attached are of the boat when we finally got it home, after loads of work, the following evening.
Lee has now completely gutted it as it is 30 years old and the wood was damp and the windows badly scratched. We're going to put the toilet compartment back in as it had been removed in favour of a full sized hob. Next job to rub it all down and repaint the exterior following the advice given by your members on the site. I think I'll come in later when we need to choose cupboard doors and handles and the upholstery and curtaining needs choosing and making (woman's touch!). I've got some current photos which I'll send in a separate e-mail as I'm having difficulty sending too many at a time.
Will keep you posted and thanks for this site, we have and continue to find all the advice on it very useful.