Model                      :                   Norman Conquest

Cockpit                   :                   Centre

Year                         :                   1976

Engine & Fuel       :                   Volvo Penta petrol outboard

Capacity                 :                   9.9 hp

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti


Fibreglass centre roof canopy - fixed. This is the picture on the (Blue and white Norman Conquest) sales marina 5 years ago and our first experience of boating, we jumped aboard started her up, put her in reverse reversed back about 5 meters and Clunk we were only going backwards and didn't make it off the sales marina as the gear cable had broken!!!
So tugy towed us to our berth!!!!! so we learnt very quickly that this is boating, and just to chill and take what ever happen in our stride.
Good advice which we try to remember every time something goes wrong!!!