Model                       :                   Norman 20

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   1983

Engine & Fuel        :                   Honda outboard

Capacity                  :                  

Toilet                        :                   Portapotti

Also depth sounder.


I bought this little Norman after a visit to my aunts, she as a narrow boat on the Lancaster canal, I have had some lovely days with her on her boat, and there was a boat for sale on the marina at Carnforth, so that really put a seed in my mind....so i began looking on the web and saw this Norman advertised with Alan Peace boats at Goole, for 3.500...we decided to go to the boat yard and look at is boats for sale (we were meeting the owner at Lemonroyd marina in the afternoon) before going to view our Norman....some of the boats we viewed were a right mess and they were advertised for 5.0000 and 6.0000 , I said to my other half if these are for sale at this price, can you imagine what we are going to view this afternoon for 3.500...anyway off we went to Methley and saw Norman on the marina ,and i thought that will do us fine...its a bit grubby but we have as you know practically rebuilt the engine, we have gave it a good old clean...bought new fenders for the side....and new covers and curtains,and i put a new bit of carpet in with some new cushions...it looks really cosy now.
Our plans for Norman is to go cruising on the canal and rivers on the Aire and Calder navigation...we are moored at Lemonroyd marina...30 mins from our home in Barnsley ....our dream trip is to try and make it up to Skipton....and we are sure going to make it up there in July .....Norman is a bolt hole for us to chill out from demanding jobs....but alas we have had some set backs but hoping things are ok now.