"T. B. A"


Model                       :                   Norman 27

Cockpit                    :                   Centre

Year                           :                  1983

Engine & Fuel         :                  Outboard petrol

Capacity                   :                 15 hp

Fridge                        :                 Yes

Gas Water Heater   :                 Yes

Generator                 :                 Petrol

Toilet                          :                 Portapotti

Also has GPS, VHF radio and an alarm.


Needs a good scrub up, pics to follow

I am presently living aboard her during the week cruising the London Area as I am here, but her permanent mooring will be in Cheshire, when I find one.  She has a name but don’t want much record of it because I intend to rename her.  I did rename a previous Norman “Paragon II” told it was bad luck and lo and behold she sank at Llangollen! It may be coincidence but I have read up on de-naming and re-naming so I am not taking the risk this time, I am going through the ceremony!

I am presently measuring her to death and planning what I intend to do and at the end of the summer I should be moving her north and hope to get her ashore and de-named I then intend to gut her and give here a full refit

The measurements will be used for stability calcs as I hope to get an RCD class C rating

·         Stiffen the hull

·         Ballast the keel

·         Installation of heads with shower and cassette toilet

·         Navigation station with VHF, navtex and Chartplotter

·         New electrics

·         New plumbing

·         Stern “diving” platform with engine mount ≤ 50HP

·         New external petrol and gas storage

·         Space will be used to enhance the aft cabin to athwartships double

·         Vee dinette forward and new galley

·         And the usual comforts TV, DVD Inet, 12v 240v, heating  H&C etc

My timescale is approx 5 years so I have something decent when I retire. If it all goes to plan she is then going to France, via the channel where she’ll be used for extended stays and maybe some port hops on the Med if I get the rating.

I’ll keep in touch and am quite happy to share what I discover on the site. For the moment though I am just sorting out some niggles to keep her compliant.