Model                       :                   Nauticus 27

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                           :                  February 1973

Engine & Fuel         :                  Inboard petrol

Capacity                   :                 

Sterndrive               :                   Enfield 130

Invertor                    :                  300 watt

Toilet                         :                  Chemical


We are currently Re-fitting Limnad out. She was in a sad state when we bought her. Years of neglect & drug taking squatters left their mark on her. But now we are turning Limnad's fortunes round. New curtains & upholstery have been lovingly made for her. And a totally new Galley will have to be built after some dodgy modifications by the previous occupants & some serious wood rot. things are now starting to come together. So soon we shall soon have her all "Ship shape and Bristol fashion" so to speak.