Model                      :                   Norman Conquest

Cockpit                   :                   Centre

Year                         :                   1976

Engine & Fuel       :                   Honda  petrol outboard

Capacity                 :                  9.9 hp

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti


The boat was originally white with an orange top.  It has been painted white to hide the fact the orange has faded, but the paint hasn't stuck to the fibreglass very well.  Luckily the motor has been very well looked after, although the boat itself has spent the last five years on a trailer under a tree.  The hull is in good order, with the usual scratches and dents from 30 odd years of service.   Inside the cabin a lot of the original plywood has got damp and delaminated, the cooker proved to be leaking gas and the upholstery was mouldy. The sink and toilet were simply vile, no other word will suffice.

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