Model                     :                   Norman 22 wide beam

Cockpit                  :                   Rear

Year                        :                   1981

Engine & Fuel      :                   Inboard Volvo Penta aq120 petrol

Capacity                :                   2100 cc

Sterndrive             :                   Penta 270D

Invertor                  :                   600 watts

Shower                  :                   Yes

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti

Also has VHF radio and a fish finder.


We have converted the distributor from points to electronic ignition , coil and amplifier , changed the alternator as it failed from a 35 amp to a 70 amp unit , changed the batteries to 110 amps , fitting a oil pressure gauge and low drinking water light , i have also removed all lighting and replaced with 12 volt 10 watt 50mm down lights , changed the bilge pump as it stopped working under test , the leg lift did not work so repaired problem with the motor , replaced cables and switches  throughout the boat, a right mess but ok now , all external lights have also been changed from plastic to stainless steel , and the radio arial
we are going to fit a  hot water system this year and heating ,oh and the shower does not work , and the bow up and down motors on the rear have ceased, will repair before she goes back in the water in march 08
We have had since owning the boat  (July 07)  had a great time with the boat, i have classic cars  , a alphasud ti ,a spitfire and a stag so owning the Norman wide beam 22 is also a part of history and we luv it,
i hope you enjoy the photos there will be many more to come