Model                      :                   Norman 20

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   1985

Engine & Fuel       :                   Petrol outboard

Capacity                 :                   8 hp

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti



We are intending to change the side windows and the cockpit window  - this is planned  for June.  We will also be cleaning her up - but haven't got round to that yet.  The woodwork will be oiled so we are hoping that she will look quite smart when finished.
We are fortunate enough to have a mooring at the bottom of our garden and so she is kept there in the FENS - under a cover because she is moored under trees!
Our longest trip this year will be in the summer when we will be taking her away for two weeks, plan to go down the Cam and some of the other tributaries around there.  Hope to get her cleaned up before then.
We purchased her from Jones Boatyard at St Ives and so it was quite an adventure bringing her home - we had to wait a while because Salters Lode was closed but we finally managed to get her here.