Model                       :                   Norman Conquest

Cockpit                    :                   Centre

Year                          :                   1979

Engine & Fuel        :                   Mercury four stroke outboard  petrol

Capacity                  :                   9.9 hp

Warm Air Heater    :                   LPG

Toilet                        :                   Portapotti



I bought the boat in Oct 2010 & I have renovated it completely. New interior, new hood, new cooker and hob/sink unit, new upholstery, carpets, curtains. Painted out storage holds, new stainless steel fittings and screws, new heater, new gas pipes, new buoys, new front windows. New everything really! Except the shell;-)








I intend to keep the boat, mostly for weekends away/day trips but might venture further in the summer. Iím moored on the River Avon near Saltford. So far we have travelled as far as Caen Hill Locks (Kennet & Avon) and Bristol Dock the other way. We intend to spend a couple of weeks during the summer hols cruising towards London on the Kennet and Avon. The boat is nearly finished, just little bits and bobs to finish. Iíve just replaced the front windows and bought some cleats for either side of the boat, to ease mooring. The boat in its former glory is already on the website registered with a previous owner. I have loads of before and during pics. I will sort some out and send them.
The website is extremely interesting and itís great to see my boat on there.