Model                      :                   Norman 20

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   1974

Engine & Fuel       :                   Suzuki outboard two stroke petrol

Capacity                 :                   30 hp

Water Heater         :                   Gas

Toilet                       :                   Pump out

Also has GPS


This Norman 20 was built in the Netherlands by Internaut in 1980.I bought it in August. I built a frame for the canopy which has been made in September. I repaired the steering wheel, installed a pilot seat and water tab, refitted the mattresses and table from a caravan, rebuilt the electrical wiring, repaired the windows (to stop them from leaking and make them retractable again).

I live near Maastricht (the capital of a Dutch enclave in Belgium). Through Maastricht runs the river Meuse (Maas) which starts in France near Langres and runs all the way through the French and Belgian part of the Ardennes (a dense forest region with steep hills and a deep river valley) From Maastricht it runs down into the very populated waters of the Netherlands until it reaches the sea in Rotterdam. Just south of Maatricht there is the Albert Canal which is a very big waterway that runs straight to Antwerp.

This summer my intention is to follow the river upstream as far as possible. Next year I'll probably baptise my boat in saltwater taking the shortest route (Antwerp). Meanwhile I'm planning a website showing my "adventures". I'll off course send
you the link as soon as it goes live.

Last november I passed my exam for the Dutch equivalent of the National Powerboat Certificate level 2 Once I receive my certificate I will be allowed to remove the modification from my engine that now limits it to run over 20km/h.