Model                       :                   Bourne 32

Cockpit                    :                   Front

Year                          :                   1966

Engine & Fuel        :                   BMC inboard diesel on shaft

Capacity                  :                   1500 cc

Fridge                       :                   Electric

Calorifier                  :                   Yes

Gas water heater   :                    Yes

Toilet                         :                   Pumpout

Also has an alarm.              


Heating on board is gas fires x 2, Iím putting 240v on at the moment and there is a cylinder under the front to heat the hot water to the sink.

In the toilet, there is a wash basin and above it a gas boiler that heats the water to the basin,

Bondon was a long established boatyard at South Walsham, producing a selection of craft including the Beaune 32. Bondon's yard is now known as Russell Marine and no longer hires craft.