Model                      :                   Norman 20

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   198o?

Engine & Fuel       :                  

Capacity                 :                  

Toilet                       :                  


Still a wreck!! Bought boat for 100 with big hole in front of hull, been sunk, a complete mess, with weeds growing out of it. A bit of a project!! Loads of pictures, being brought back to life! Hope to send pictures soon. Thanks.

As the pictures show she was on her side with a big hole in the front of the hull and having been rescued from the bottom of the canal, where it had been for some time, behind a garage. The owner bought it and was going to repair it, but when I asked about her he said he didn't have time and I could have her for 100.
So I went home and asked the boss and she said go for it. So we borrowed a trailer and managed to get her home.
We`ve  complete stripped her out and repaired the hull, and are currently re-painting the hull, money and weather permitting. Hope to have her back on the water in about 12months.