Model                      :                   Norman 20

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   1977

Engine & Fuel       :                   Tohatsu

Capacity                 :                   70hp tldi

Toilet                       :                  

Also  has GPS, depth sounder and a fishfinder.


Winedup is still not finished and the work on her has grown from a paint job to a replacement engine (Tohatsu 70HP tldi, purchased), replacement rear deck and box seating as it was rotting and inappropriate for my intended use, repairs to pram cover, replacement poly carbonate windows and repairs to windscreen. Who ever said boats are a fibre glass hole in the water you throw money into was wrong in my case, as it has not seen water for ages. The pictures sent show 2 images of her as advertised on Ebay,


She lived in the Thames at Thames Ditton (what a job to collect, it took 2 trips, due to my trailer under estimation but thanks to my mate Paul for the loan of a suitable trailer). The others reflect the progression of the paint job so far.

When eventually finished I hope to keep her at a boat park at Liverpool sailing club in Speke and during the summer have her moored on the river Mersey. Main use will be for sea fishing and pleasure trips on the Irish sea and motor around to Anglesey and North Wales as it is intended that this will be my weekend retreat aboard her.

Hope also to attend a couple of your meetings at some point. Maybe when I have gained more experience as I am still a novice to boating.