Model                       :                   Elysian 27

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   1982

Engine & Fuel        :                   BMC 1.5 Diesel inboard on shaft drive

Capacity                  :                   1500 cc

Fridge                      :                   Electrolux gas

Calorifier                 :                   Yes

Shower                   :                   Yes

Toilet                        :                   Sea toilet connected to holding tank


Its an Elysian 27 built by Bounty.  They used the mk2 Elysian design and we think the boat is 1982 in year.  The boat has a 1.5 BMC diesel engine coupled to a Borg Warner gear box with shaft drive.  The boat has a sea loo with holding tank, water system has a calorifier.  All tanks are Stainless Steel.  The fuel tank is around 200L and judging by the length of time it took to fil the water tank its around the same size too.

We bought the boat from Swancraft which is a Blakes hire firm based at Benson on the River Thames.  The boat was trailed from slipway to slipway by PGA boat services who did a fantastic job at a very reasonable cost.

The boat has polished up well and there are various cosmetic items to look at.  The engine smokes slightly when it is under no load but this clears as soon as placed in gear.  I think the injectors need servicing and as soon as I have 5 minutes I will have this done.  Ive changed the diesel filter this weekend and in the process lost a bleed screw under the engine.  The next job is to do the oil filter.

I am also looking for a pulpit and pushpit rail and grab rails for the cabin sides.  I will also be looking at building a coach roof and fitting a new canopy in the near future.

The main advantage of Soul Muzik over Halo Too is the height available.  I am 6'1" and I can stand upright on Soul Muzik.  I couldnít do that on Halo Too and also we had a sloping floor on Halo Too which didnít help.

As we go along with my work we will let you see the pictures.