Model                       :                   Norman 23

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                           :                  1973

Engine & Fuel         :                  Honda inboard diesel

Capacity                   :                  3 cylinder ? capacity

Sterndrive                :                 Enfield 130

Fridge                        :                Coolmatic 12v

Calorifier                   :                Yes

Warm air heater       :                Gas

Shower                      :                Yes

Toilet                          :                 Portapotti


My Wife Val and I were married on Saturday 7th April 2007 and we have just moved into a wonderful house on the Thames, just below Penton Hook Lock and the Marina. We bought the boat almost immediately after we moved in on 15th December 2006 and, having much work to do on the house, have only just had time for Val to do a complete Spring Clean inside while I played with the engine and washed down the outside. "Tiger Lil" had been left for 3 years since her refit and was in a pretty sad state. She is now clean and tidy with all spiders removed (they obviously enjoy living on a boat on the River as well) and is almost ready for inspection for Safety Cert. and Registration. Then we plan to spend 2 weeks driving up River to Oxford in August as well as some long weekends just floating about. The one item that was not replaced was the windscreen and side screens and as these are badly crazed I have found a Company called Talking Plastics at Horndean, Hampshire 02392596268 who will replace the screens if I take them in to them still fitted in the ali surrounds for a total including VAT of just under 300. Screens seem to be in demand so here is a source for other members. We are lucky to have 70ft of mooring so "Tiger Lil" shares this with our 15ft Dory called "Rumpuss II" and our little 8ft Walker Bay Tender that will sit on T. L.'s davits when I can sort out some slings. Pictures will follow when I get the hang of sending them. I am not of the Computer Generation who seem to be able to do these things so easily. Hope this is of interest and I will keep in touch.