Model                       :                   Norman 20

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   1973

Engine & Fuel        :                   Honda Outboard petrol

Capacity                  :                   10 hp

Toilet                        :                  


I bought this Norman boat approx a month ago after seeing it for sale on a marina. It hadn't been used a lot in 18 months and after cleaning the boat up to get rid of the green algae my worst suspicions became true. It needed more work than originally thought to bring it up to a good condition. The most important bit the hull is in very good condition after having a repaint 4 years ago and anti fouled 2 years ago. The engine is a 4 stroke Honda engine which is approx 15 years old and was reconditioned last year. It runs great.
After a few days getting familiar with the boat the main canopy pole snapped and had to be replaced.
My first voyage (a 12 mile round trip to a canal side pub) ended in disaster as one of the cables snapped 3 miles away from the marina and we where luckily towed back by some kind boaters. The boat has since had a new throttle box and new cables and is much easier to control. The old throttle box was the original (and a bit primitive) 2 lever version which meant you could change gear in high revs which is not good.
Anyway enough of rambling on about that. I have since caught the boaters pottering around on the boat fixing things bug and have just finished this weekend fixing the flooring of the boat. Over the years of people getting in and out of the boat has resulted in the wooden ledge which runs the length of the cockpit on both sides to bend and snap. This holds the wooden beams in place and resulted in an unstable floor. To make it worse the floor was made up of 4 flimsy pieces of wood which I think are original. I have now mended the ledge in various places, added new bits and applied the new floor. (a complete thick piece of marine ply)
Still got a few jobs to do such as a new cockpit chair, treating the canopy adding waterproofing and colour, new curtains, new carpet, and floor in the cabin (2 beams near the entrance are rotten), and replacing the scratched windows.
I am sure I can think of a few more things. I hope to have some pictures of the finished boat soon and I will send them along with my complete story. Sadly I didn't take any pics when I first bought the boat.
Please e mail me back with your comments as this is my 1st boat and even though I haven't been out in it much yet I am enjoying every moment. Hope to have it finished soon as I want to enjoy the rest of the summer on it. Thanks