Model                       :                   Norman 27

Cockpit                    :                   Centre

Year                          :                   ?

Engine & Fuel        :                   Perkins inboard 4108 diesel

Capacity                  :                   1700 cc 51hp at 3000 rpm

Sterndrive               :                   ?

Fridge                       :                  Electrolux 240v 12v and gas

Toilet                        :                   needs one !!!


Bought the "Kelly Ann" yesterday, after  dragging a friend out to try and get the engine going.  After much humming and with a little help from the BSC chappy Paul, she roared back to life after about four months without turning over.

I think (although am happy to be told otherwise) that she is quite unusual for Norman 27, having an internal diesel engine and out drive.  Bought her for a bargain price and after my first spin, testing the outdrive, was smitten!  Have lots of cosmetic work to do, but want to enjoy the summer before replacing all the electrics and much of the inside.  Paul the BSC safety man failed her, which was expected but hopefully with a few pounds and a bit off work she'll be passing the BSC within the next couple of weeks!