Model                      :                   Norman 25

Cockpit                   :                   Rear (formerly centre)

Year                         :                   1968

Engine & Fuel       :                   Marina Outboard  4 stroke petrol

Capacity                 :                   9.9 hp

Gas Water Heater :                   Yes

Shower                   :                   Yes

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti


Genie has been owned by me since mid 2002 when I decided my old Norman 18 "Pingu the Haddock Slayer" was too small and cramped for anything other than perfect weather cruising.
It was full of water up to the floor boards and sporting a fair bit of rot in the rear cabin and the outboard well wasn't actually fixed in place so there was plenty of work to do from the start.
The cockpit setup was far from ideal as both me and my partner are both creaky old wrecks (not to mention the dog with his right hip missing) and it was quite a precarious climb to get in and out of the damn thing so a solution had to be found.
A trip to the pub and a few silly ideas (and a few beers of course) later we both concluded the rear cabin was due for the council tip, Due to a three month waiting list for a new canopy (courtesy of A.C.Coachtrimmings who did a great job) the cockpit and rear cabin were gutted with the cabin roof still in place.
Incidentally during the process of rebuilding, another Norman 25 appeared on the boatyard slipway with a tarp. over the cockpit and knackered windscreen so a post-it note was attached offering the old canopy (which was only 18months old) for sale, a month and a half later the phone rang and a deal was done to the tune of 300,am I a jammy git or what?
The rear cockpit is now a tad under 9' long with only a small step to get onboard, a result I am most pleased with although there's still plenty of bits that need finishing.
The bottom of the loo cupboard is getting resin coated this season so it can be used as a shower, albeit a sit down version due to the space available.
We are now hoping and praying for a decent summer in 2003 so we can get some use out of all the hard work we have put in.
It is moored on the Great Ouse in St.Neots. Cambs. so if you see us about stop and say hi


Owner                    :                    Dave Flint

Web pages           :                    www.haddocks-revenge.co.uk