Model                       :                   Norman 20

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   1977

Engine & Fuel        :                   OMC Inboard diesel

Capacity                  :                   120 hp

Sterndrive               :                   Yes

Invertor                    :                    120w

Toilet                         :                   Portapotti

Also has VHF and depth sounder


I think I probably hold the record for the most powerful Norman 20 around as mine has a 120hp 2.5litre petrol OMC inboard/sterndrive. It was my first boat, so when I bought it I didn't realise this engine was anything unusual, until I started comparing fuel consumption with my new boating friends!
I've had the boat now for about 8 years, and have surprised one or two owners of 'Tridecker Gin palaces', when they try to impress me on open water! When the propeller was new the boat would just reach 30mph flat out on the Wash, and is beautiful to drive at speed - absolutely stable and much more economical when on the plane than when going at normal displacement speeds. (Initially the front used to bounce until I added 1/4 ton of ballast in the bows).
Apparently, when Norman designed the boat, it was designed for river or inshore sea use, which is why the hull planes so well at speed. At low canal speeds, maybe because of the heavy engine, it tends to wander a lot and you cannot leave the wheel alone, but generally it is an excellent boat (except for the fuel consumption and having to carry all the diesel from the local garage.