Model                     :                   Saturn Family 25

Cockpit                  :                   Rear, with hard top

Year                        :                   1992

Engine & Fuel      :                   Inboard Ford Diesel

Capacity                :                   1600 cc

Sterndrive             :                   Enfield 130

Fridge                     :                  Yes

Shower                  :                   Yes

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti

Length                    :                   25'

Beam                       :                  8'

Draught                  :                  2' 9"

Displacement       :                  Approx 2.5 tons

Also has GPS, VHF radio, Depth Sounder and a fish finder.


Just having a look in to see what all you Norman Appreciators are up to, and suddenly realised that I need to inform you of a change to the details of my Saturn 25......I've gone diesel !!!  What an economic difference at the pumps. I had a day out on the Witham, 4 hour trip, for about 2.50 of diesel !! Wonderful !!!
                    The down side.......having acquired a Ford 1600 diesel from a Ford Fiesta van belonging to a local farmer who'd  had a run-in with poachers and had his little van rammed and bent out of MOT shape by their 4x4's, ( at a knock down price )  I then suffered my wallet being mugged by the purchase of the necessary marinising parts !! However all is now well, the value of the vessel has been enhanced, and it merely remains to redecorate the cockpit, the guts having been ripped out to facilitate the installation of the new engine. The whole of the engine compartment/rear seating now slots together to make for easy removal at servicing time. The engine itself has been mounted on a sub-frame that allows easy removal onto the workbench should major work be required. I'm trying to think ahead, as I'm planning to keep this vessel for some time.