Model                       :                   Callumcraft 17 (Deluxe model with flybridge)

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   1970's

Engine & Fuel        :                   Honda petrol outboard

Capacity                  :                   7.5 hp

Toilet                        :                  


At the moment the boat is virtually stripped and needs a lot doing to it any help will be appreciated,. Repair will have to be done to the back and the back floor ,first .then the fun can begin, but we think this is a classic boat and a rare boat,. we see only one lovely finished one on your site, would love to have contact with this lucky person. I have two or three pictures of the boat,
i could do with a users manual for the outboard if anyone has for sale do not know the age of the engine but its a Honda 7.5 hp old one i must say we have the serial no if required,. Do not now the boat serial no or where it should been the boat any help please. Sorry to be a drag but we are new at boating. Douglas

We have decided or i should say i have decided that at 64 years old i can not restore this boat up as i would like to so we have decided to re sell it on boats and outboards a lot cheaper than we paid for it i must add but we feel it must go now.

Its a shame because we have an image from the site showing a lovely example of one completely restored to its final glory,. You see Trevor we are manufacturing jewellers, and took on more than we could chew i am just getting over prostrate cancer my wife has just gone on dialysis ,need i go on, but it is very nice of you to contact us ,i enclose a few images of the boat as it is now and a picture of the one i saw.