Model                       :                   Norman 23

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   1972

Engine & Fuel        :                   Inboard Yanmar Diesel

Capacity                  :                   10 hp

Stern Drive             :                    Enfield Z drive

Fridge                       :                   Electric 12v

Gas water heater    :                   Yes

Shower                     :                   Yes

Toilet                         :                   Portapotti


Bought ‘Bluebell’ in April 2005. We had promised ourselves a boat when we retired and we finally made it !

Spent the past year changing things like curtains (Her area of expertise !) and replacing the floorboards. (My area of bodging !)

‘Bluebell’ gives us a great deal of pleasure for what is really very little outlay. Ratty was right; “there is nothing half so good as simply messing about in boats”.