The purpose of this page is to try and compile a "register" of as many existing Norman craft as possible. It is completely discretionary on your part to provide whatever information you wish. All you are agreeing to by completing this form is for the information to appear on this web site.

Please try and complete as many of the entries as possible. The contact details at the end are required but will NOT appear on the site or be used for any marketing purposes whatsoever.

Model (i.e.. Norman 23, Norman Conquest 22etc.)

Cockpit (centre or rear)

Approximate year of manufacture


Engine and fuel (i.e. Inboard/diesel, Honda ob/petrol)

Capacity (i.e. 1600cc, 15hp)

Stern drive/shaft (inboard only, i.e. Enfield 130)

Now please indicate if you have any of the following on board :

Fridge                            If yes, manufacturer and fuel type


Gas Water Heater  

Warm air heater          If yes, what fuel? 

Solid Fuel Stove    

Inverter                         Capacity 

Generator                    Fuel  


Type of Toilet            (i.e. portapotti, pumpout)

Now for the fancy stuff !!


VHF Radio             

Depth sounder     

Fish finder             


Please enter details of any personal or unusual modifications you may have made. Also use this space for any comments about your craft or any equipment aboard that is not listed above.

Now this bit is entirely up to you, this information will not be published. It is simply for my own convenience in the event I want to contact you for more details or pester you for pictures. I would also use this information if I had anything I felt may be useful to you.


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