Model                      :                   Norman 25

Cockpit                   :                   Centre

Year                         :                   1968

Engine & Fuel       :                   Outboard Yamaha 4 stroke petrol

Capacity                 :                   9.9 hp

Generator               :                   Honda petrol

Toilet                       :                   Bucket and chuck it !!

Also has GPS


The Norman 27 superseded this model. The small windows were fitted originally but I have changed the frames, they were just plastic held in rubber. The large front window were originally wrap-a-round but they leaked no end so I hand new windows made and fibre-glassed up the gap on the side, you can tell if you see the boat in the flesh!

Albatross is now moored at Nantwich on the Shropshire Union.  We have joined the Nantwich and Border Counties Yacht Club. This winter the club hired a crane and about 20 boats were lifted out, returning to the water on 12 March 05. Also is a picture from summer 03 on the Weaver.