Model                      :                   Norman 32

Cockpit                   :                   Centre

Year                         :                   Approx 1975

Engine & Fuel       :                   VW Passat (marinised)

Capacity                 :                   1600 cc

Stern Drive            :                   Enfield 130

Fridge                     :                   Caravan type, three way fuel

Gas Water Heater :                   Yes

Warm Air Heater   :                   Gas fire

Generator               :                   Petrol

Shower                   :                   Yes

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti

Also has GPS and Depth sounder.


"ROCK-N-ROLL"  is a 32 ft double cabin. I found her at Foxton locks while on holiday from Germany and cruisin' on my friends boat (a 42 ft Dawncraft called "UPT-N-GON") in Sept 2000. I managed to get her over here where I live in Sept 2001,and have been renovating ever since. I also would like to find out the history of my boat which as you've found out is very difficult.


Fred has sent me a CD full of pictures of both work on the boat and the engine. I'm still trying to work out how to best use these but if anyone wants to see any of them let me know.