This first picture of Jeff's "Red Dragon" just shows the state some of the boats we buy are in when first seen....

Then the inside before work started

the essential cooker

And getting down to the rubbing....

ready for the relaunch

on the water......but lacking a Norman Pennant??

Here is some history for Red Dragon, We bought her in October 2003 she was on a trailer in a compound were she had been for three years. We moved her to Whixall marina on the Llangollen canal, and did some repairs on the gel coat below the water line.

We then put anti-fouling paint on and took the old rubbing strip off, We painted the haul white because it was painted already in-between time we recovered the cushions and put the roof lining back up. New lights and a good clean up was all it needed in side with new curtains. A new rubbing strip was fitted.

Last year we cruised the four counties ring, two hours in to the cruise the Honda give up so we had to buy a new 10 horse two days latter we set of again and had a good trip.

This year we are going to get a new canopy and reseal the windows do you know where we can get the new seals and how do you get the front windows out.

We think the boat is about 1984 and it is all originally we think, the gas water heater did not pass the safety so it is disconnected.