We bought "First Light", our first boat on 11/08/04, it is going to take some hard work but we have the determination and the desire to complete the task, But we are not saying how long it will take us.

We have just secured mooring in Middlewich, Cheshire. We are having a new canopy fitted next week and have had a reconditioned Honda 75 set up, and a new battery and bilge pump installed, The antifouling was completed this week. with a bit of luck she will be on the water in a few days. we have a few cosmetic jobs to complete but nothing too daunting, this was a project started by the previous owner which for some reason they gave up which was a pity because like I said most of the work is cosmetic,

We saw somewhere on the forum that somebody at the age of 28 claimed he thought he was the youngest Norman Boat owner, Dawn is 3 years his junior.

Still not on the water because this being our first boat we did not give too much thought to the type of engine, I thought all engines were key start and  this not being the case have had to rethink, I had a serious RTA in November 2002 and had to have a steele ball and rod inserted in my right arm so would be unable to use a pull start for some time yet.

Will keep you up to date.




we have just given her a paint job and put the name on her and she is being launched next Friday 29/04/05 on the Leeds-Liverpool canal at Adlington, Chorley.

The launch.....